User interface design for Scalix Web Access, an AJAX PIM, email and calendaring web application.

Project deliverables Website Design & Development
Web Application Design & Specification
Icon Design
Product Collateral Design
E-newsletter Design
Search Engine Optimization
Supporting Visual Design
Tradeshow Signage

Project duration February 2003– July 2007

Tools used Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign

Scalix Web Access provides enterprise users browser-based access to corporate email, contacts and calendars. Similar to Outlook Web Access, the user interface adheres closely to desktop conventions to minimize learning curves and ease adoption by users. Incorporating sophisticated PIM functionality such as group calendaring, email threading, rules management, reminders and public folders, the user interface supports drag and drop, modal dialogs, and robust customization of window panes, toolbars, and widgets. Additional deliverables include mobile app design, comprehensive user interface documentation, administrator console design and installer design.